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Industry Solutions

Analysis of problems of our existing clients and ways to improve them, proposed by the Seetech consultants led to the creation of solutions, that optimise Microsoft Dynamics NAV processes or its individual functions, having particular importance for the activities of each industry.

Examples of industry-specific Seetech solutions include:

  • management of a mobile network of sales representatives based on a distribution company,
  • preparation of the system to handle the sale and production of unique products based on large-format print shop,
  • management of product labels and SSCC logistics codes based on the company in the chemical industry,
  • communication with the outsourcing warehouse based on a distribution company,
  • advanced EDI support based on a production company.

Management of the mobile network of sales representatives

Thanks to a dedicated module B2B/B2C Dynamics NAV eCommerce Platform Seetech can offer a solution to manage an advanced mobile sales network. Specially designed web-based interface allows sales representative to freely use the data in Microsoft Dynamics NAV in remote locations.

Access to data is possible with the use of any mobile device (iPad, iPhone, devices based on Symbian, Android and Windows Phone systems). Clear and user-friendly interface reduces the need for training sales representatives. The possibility of a professional presentation of products to customers increases the effectiveness of the sales network and creates a modern image of the company.

The impact of sales representatives on the sales process through electronic process of presenting offers allows for rapid, but controlled, sales requiring individual pricing decisions. Automatic notification system for sales representatives and final customers improves communication methods and relieves the sales division of part of the tasks, which consist of informing customers and representative about the statuses of various commercial operations. 24-hour availability of an electronic distribution system enables sales reps to work in the most convenient time for them, and the ability to communicate via the GSM network makes the system available from anywhere.

Support for sales and production of unique products

During the implementation of Microsoft Dynamics NAV in a large-format print shop, Seetech consultants developed an industry solution to handle the production of unique finished products. System operators construct the finished product based on the selection of several parameters, that allow for simplified selection of a particular warehouse stock, and then determine the unique characteristics of that finished product, indicating its size and trim attached to the product batch, individual items or its specific sides (these may be physical finished or service activities performed in the production process for example: washing, laminating, etc.). In addition, they may define specific parameters associated with the production process or quality control. Based on these parameters, the system automatically builds unique manufacturing specifications, bills of materials (BOM) and manufacturing routes.

The system enforces the use of the unique number of production specifications in all production processes in warehouse operations, in order to identify a specific customer order.

Designed solution has been categorised as an industry solution not only for the printing industry, but also for other industries, for which it proved very useful. All industries are characterised by uniqueness of production (production at the individual request of the customer) can employ the Seetech industry solution, as a simplified and streamlined production process. It can be used, for example, by woodwork manufacturers, manufacturers of blinds, manufacturers of advertising structures and other manufacturers of unique finished products.

Management of product labels and SSCC logistics codes

During the work associated with the adaptation of Microsoft Dynamics NAV to the requirements of companies in the chemical industry, the need for advanced software for the management of product labels SSCC logistics codes was recognised. These requirements resulted from the adaptation of the logistics process to the requirements of trading partners. The solutions adopted in the described industry solution allow for creating label templates by using dedicated software from a printer manufacturer - Zebra, and then storing label templates directly in Microsoft Dynamics NAV. Automatic filling in of the labels with data from Microsoft Dynamics NAV and a unique SSCC code and the possibility of assigning different labels to particular types of buyers, allows you to automate the process of preparing stocks for shipment and eliminates errors associated with manual operation of the process. Labels and SSCC markings are consistent with the requirements of the GS1 organisation. Assigning SSCC codes to the corresponding warehouse operations and the correct designation of products shipped allowed for the correct transmission of EDI DESADV SSCC messages.

By using the printer manufacturer's software, designing became simple, allowing you to use the full graphics capabilities of Zebra barcode printers, and using formulas definable in Navision filling in label templates allows you to download all necessary and timely data about products from Navision tables.

Support for an outsourcing warehouse

Many companies decide to outsource logistics processes. It is becoming especially popular to transfer all processes related to logistics and warehousing to dedicated operators. The Seetech industry solution offered to the company distributing products for children, was created for such businesses. The main problem in outsourcing is the integration of advanced information systems of partners.

The Seetech solution offers automated process transfer, confirmation of receipt and support of confirmations warehouse operations completed. Because of the fact, that an external storage facility can handle any warehouse operation, the Seetech industry solution supports, in addition to typical warehouse documents, also the documents used in the sales process (release and return of goods) as well as the purchasing process (receipt of goods). All documents are prepared in Microsoft Dynamics NAV, to be sent to the external storage facility in the form of XML files (as documents for the planned release, receipt or other storage operation). After sending, the documents are locked and remain protected from accidental interference or approval by the system operator. After the operation by the logistic partner, documents are automatically processed based on the actual quantities confirmed electronically by the operator of the warehouse.

With this solution, information on operations involving purchases, sales and shipment of products are immediately exchanged between the client and the warehouse, users of Microsoft Dynamics NAV have access to the current stocks, and managers have visibility into reliable data supporting settlements with logistics partner. 

 Advanced support for EDI ( Electron Data Interchange)

Seetech industry solution for EDI enables electronic exchange of documents created in Microsoft Dynamics NAV between trading partners. In the current market situation, electronic exchange of documents is an essential element of trade cooperation between retail chains and suppliers. This is the technology used and supported by modern companies, seeking to ensure the appropriate quality of handling business processes, reducing costs and eliminating errors affecting the company's image. The use of EDI is also an eco-friendly process; issuance of documents in traditional form is limited to a minimum, thereby increasing saving paper.

Shortened the time needed to deliver the documents and their immediate verification, allows to reduce waiting times for payments and complaints related to the delivery of incomplete or defective documentation. XML files with formalised structures, shared via FTP or other dedicated communication software, are used to exchange documents.

The EDI module is started periodically during operation, converting incoming documents:

  • orders (ORDER)
  • evidence of acceptance of delivery (RECADV)
  • inventory reports (Inventory Report)

and on the basis of data in Microsoft Dynamics NAV, creating:

  • invoices (INVOICE)
  • order confirmations (ORDERRSP)
  • despatch advice (DESADV)
  • product catalogues (PRODUCTCATALOG).

The use of the Seetech industry solution for EDI, allows for full integration of EDI documents with Microsoft Dynamics NAV. The module is launched as an application server process; its launch does not require an additional user license and doesn't require additional dedicated IT hardware. Operators have immediate access to the information about the time of sending the document, its status and any errors related with its processing. The described solution can cooperate with the systems of main EDI operators in Poland.

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